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The Wonder of the Written Word

Discover in books the wonder of the written word, states the opening song. Books are celebrated throughout the performance in various ways, from book mimes to an audience member acting out a favorite story. An unusual ending to the fairytale, The Frog Prince, encourages students to "check it out" for themselves. Learning how to sign-sing in The Garden Song leads to finding out why trees are so important to books. Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree follows as a tribute to the power of a well-written story.

Audience: For ages 5-12 and families

Around the World with J.P. Nightingale

Experience the similarities and uniqueness of different cultures while enjoying lively stories and songs. Two Chinese Silly Stories humorously show us how not to communicate. An African folktale, The Tug O' War, reveals how the small and slow are not stupid, but have great abilities to be equal with the mighty. Ethnic instruments are used throughout the show: a cabasa and dumbek in the Zulu chant, Syahamba; claves and maracas in the Chilean folksong, Es Mi Caballo Blanco; and guitar and flute in the opening theme song, Wide, Wide World.

Audience: For ages 5-12 and families

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Teddy Bear Tales

Be Enthusiastic About Reading (BEAR) is the underlying message in this warm and "fuzzy" selection of stories and songs about bears. Featured are Kenny Loggins' House At Pooh Corner; a playful version of The Bear Went Over the Mountain; Arnold Lobel's The Bear and the Crow; and a folktale from Finland, Why the Bear Is Stumpy-Tailed. Children are encouraged to bring their teddy bears to participate in a Teddy Bear Picnic Parade.

Audience: For ages 4-10 and families

Other Services Available

We have special holidays shows available, and we also perform at birthday parties and fundraisers.

We have workshops in creative reading and writing, music appreciation, and creative dramatics.

Useful Information

J.P. Nightingale provides our own sound equipment. All performances are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise arranged. Our performances are adaptable to areas of all sizes.

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